Book Review: I am Legend

So here’s me running my mouth about things that I’m not so knowledgeable about. I’ve been picking up reading thanks to Pewdiepie book reviews (check it out though pretty interesting!). I’ll explain my non-existent background about my knowledge of books and interest for reading in another post.

A short synopsis of I am Legend by Richard Matheson.

It’s a sci-fi short novel about a man named Robert Neville, who’s supposedly the last living man on earth. There are people around him but……they’re vampires. This book tells a story about his fight for survival as the only living man and his struggle to find a cure in hope for a future for himself.

I’ll not spoil the book but I’ll attempt to give my not so credible review.

It was a good short book but it was hard to get into. The language was easy to understand, only certain vampire related terms I had to google the definition. The story in some parts was very suspenseful, at others, it was a drag to read through. ┬áThere were the funny points, with Neville’s crude humour but there was also the relatable personality in Neville, with him being hard on himself and I’m sure many of us have been there before. In my opinion, it does tell a good moral about how though things may never look up, they eventually will.

Book Rating: 7/10

  • good for a quick read
  • A story that pulls on the heartstrings
  • if you’re not into semi-horror/sci-fi may not be the book for you
  • it’s not that scary but nonetheless, I avoided reading it before bed

Below is more detailed info from Wikipedia about the book!

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